Wednesday, July 22, 2015

my tiny little Kylene

she is becoming very sickly these past days. I have ran out of things to blame. Maybe the weather, her participation in the daycare or maybe she is expanding and thus, her muscles are moving of which fever is a reaction. I have read this sometime ago written by a pediatrician.

She did have the same episode before she turned 1. And now , another round of constant sickness as she is about to turn 2. It's been a month now that we are battling with poor health, poor sleep. God, strengthen me. It is a pain looking at your child suffer. And wonder if you can really survive the sleepless nights. Thankfully, my parents are here. Oh, what a relief.

But we had better days too.

When she is not sick, she likes running around the yard and makes mem'ries; It makes me smile.

Looking back, this little love is too tiny. I love it, I carry her around like this.
Those were the days when she is satisfied with just being with mama like this.  No hassle coming with her on city escapades. These were the pre-One era.

my hands are free for grocery with this baby on the carrier.

or going to the beach with this.  Also, this was the eczema times. oh, it was hard. But, that doesn't stop me from moving her around. I want her to be outside and be surrounded by nature's finest. Like me, I want my kids to be in love with LIFE's natural beauty.

Long drive to Canberra? No problem. This was the last adventure we went to that I could still carry her using the carrier.

But this was her favorite. She is closer to my bosom and could smell me really well. Babies are so attached like that. I am OK for her to stay that way. Do you see Kylene?

I am very grateful to go through this experience of mummyhood. It's very tiring , very very tiring and yet very satisfying, rewarding and I being very contemplative is very happy of Life has to offer. 

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