Wednesday, July 22, 2015

She is almost 2!

I browsed through my archives and realized that I haven't posted of Kylene's first birthday and now, she is almost 2. Oh no.

The decision to celebrate it in Bohol was rather sporadic. No matter where you celebrate your birthday,the most important thing is --- we have that special memory tugged in our hearts to celebrate her first year. I do clearly remember, we did have a celebration under a very high temperature and our little Kylene is having a hard time coping with it coming from winter weather in Sydney.

But there she is---she showed up ready for her big day, messy in spaghetti!

with my lola Berta ( papa's mom). This is very special. 3 generations.

Joan was left out here. She came a bit late from her flight from Sydney. 
yeah, we were all together to celebrate Kylene's 1st. I told you, it was special!

and there's the Baquial's

Kylene turns 2 in a month's time. And we are all flying to Goldcoast. I hope it would be less chilly than Sydney on her birthday weekend. 

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