Friday, July 31, 2015

Crushed my Heart

Remember my daughters, that each time you walk out that door and say Goodbye to me, My heart is crushed a hundred times. But I do recover. Each time I see that joy and enthusiasm you are showing to LIFE. That is the only inheritance i could give to you. Your mother has no riches to share other than that growing Love for LIFE. I wish you share the same & wish I could embody this to you my loves.

Today, I worked from home to see my Kylene go. How thankful I am of the job that made all these possible. Thank you , papa Lord! A job that doesn't starve us, actually a job that pays very adequately and gives the perfect work-life balance i have been wanting to strike since the beginning of my working mama lifestyle. This is a milestone that is worth celebrating. You are so gracious My God.


It's Friday and the weather has been superb.  I could hear Spring knockin' and that means longer days soon. How I am missing more actions happening outside and enjoying daylight! But it will come soon, one more month to go for winter. So, here's a throwback of what we did last summer at Port Stephens. oh, yeah , we were daring and bold to that heat.  And it was worth it.

oh la la. Summer!I remember how beautiful you were, of course with a toddler in tow!

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