Wednesday, August 05, 2015

I felt discouraged.

Of course I am human.  I am not the type that likes to pre-empt a situation. But then, given the chance to view the new house unfinished gave me a rough idea of how downsizing means. And it was a boom!

Reality bites. Ouch. An eye-opener indeed. It took me to serious thoughts. An event leading to another. There are big decisions to be made in the coming days. It does involve major financial decisions.

But the good news is-- we are elated to be moving to the new house soon. Here's a peek ( no-that door color is going to change, now way it is going to be mint green) . And we are very grateful to God for His bountiful provisions. For the gift of financial blessings, gift of wisdom in choosing this one at the right time! I also cannot thank enough my friends ( Agie & Gracy) who keeps on inspiring me and encouraging me throughout these years. They both are heck of risk takers, generous ,bold, positive and most importantly kind.

And while we are downsizing, we do have a lot of "getting used to" to deal with. Like the kitchen , dining, living room size. It is going to be small, goodbye SPACE. The 4 bedrooms are of good sizes though and I am very happy with that. We are too excited for the new things coming our way this year. There is no reason for me to be discouraged. There are many reasons to celebrate!

This is an Unexpected Project for this Year. I've submitted to the idea that majority of the times, the greatest things come unplanned. It just Happens.

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