Friday, August 07, 2015

how I felt so

So, finally after looong months of wanting this done. I have ticked this. Oh, nothing major, i just needed to clean up my fridge for such a long time now.

and tada! done it first thing today. I felt so emancipated. That is the nicest thing that could happen when you are working from home. I have saved a good hour on commuting to work and diverting this energy to what is urgently needed.

Big Tick!

Speaking of organization. My life is never an example of one. I didn't think much of the things that happened to me now.  Like coming overseas to live is not , never in my dream radar. But there is one  thing clear to me what I would become when I grow up. I knew that I wanted to be a MOTHER. I nurtured this dream that I even thought I would not mind if I don't get a husband for as long as I become a mum. But then, life's finest gifts came with a bonus. And I am luckiest! Life would have been sad without You.

Thank you for the husband who patiently waits until I am mature enough to understand why I am meant to be a WIFE.

No, I won't change anything in our journey. Not one bit.


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