Tuesday, August 11, 2015

And that amazing Sleep

feels like a luxury .  This is the stage that I dreaded most. Thought I am done with this teething drama. On the eve of my 37th birthday, I beg to God to put me to sleep. and He answered my Prayers. For some strange reason, my girl decided to snuggle with dada tonight. Many times, I have kept my faith put aside and I ask forgiveness for the many times I have failed the Lord. I have always thought I could handle each situation and that I am in control like what I do in my job or on the daily recourse of our lives. But there are times, that I should not be in control, that I couldn't be of control. No amount of  dominance, planning, research can ever prepare me of the things in the far future. And I should  remind my heart to not to be Discouraged. and that I have to put my Hopes in the Lord. And I should Trust that  God has provided me the best formula of Happiness to keep me encouraged and Downside to break my heart.  And to remind me that He is Control.

And that Assurance has silenced my heart.

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