Monday, February 08, 2016

my Cheyenne is on her last year in elementary.

I feel elated about her excitement! I am one proud mom looking at her now. In charge of herself and so much enthusiasm about life. I am beaming with mixed emotions.

Of infinite Joy- for pro-creating such beautiful soul.

of Fear- of becoming too independent that sometimes she gets really over-confident

of Gratitude - that she is such an easy little girl to manage

of Anxiety- of what lies ahead.

Dear Lord, you know what is best for us. Only in you that i entrust my family. I know you are going to guide us along the way. I love how you gifted me with children that keeps my heart so full, happy and alive! I wouldn't live this life any other way than what you have provided for today. Our life is a blessing, And everyday is a miracle.

She is back from her 2- night, 3 -day camp and she did have a ball! I am very glad she enjoyed it to the maximum!  She came home very exhausted and told me how she misses home! And now she has the best mem'ries of camp especially the love letter that made her cry. Will post it soon!

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