Thursday, February 25, 2016

4 years ago, we stood still

We did stood still,  made a very important decision and never looked back.

We are moving to Australia. The year was 2012. Although we got our Permanent Residency confirmed in 2009, we delayed the decision to move because life in SG was super convenient. Who wants to move from a tax haven, affordable lifestyle, traveling back to Philippines is cheap and you can get a maid!

How ironic it would be when you are willing to drop everything because you feel that it is the best thing to do for you and your family. I couldn't find a concrete reason just that gut feeling of an unexplored future. We were at that sliding door in our life - where we either succeed from it or fail.

Fast Forward>>>> 2016, and getting used to the lifestyle here! The past 4 years had passed like a bolt of lightning. We had Kylene , our second bub who brings so much joy just like her Ate. We couldn't ask for more.  Lord, we are blessed with the best in the world. Friends.  Family. Health and Australia.

There will be more important decisions to be made as we live our life here. And as a family, we stand together in traversing this LIFE joyfully , prayerfully knowing that everyday is a blessing and an opportunity to be Thankful, no matter what!

This year, we will be entitled to get the citizenship , hoping and praying will go in smoothly. There are heaps to be excited about this year. Goals would be;

- completing the CPA
- passing the driving exams
- Cheyenne's high school plans ( whether she goes to Selective or Private Catholic school)

Sussex Inlet, Feb 2016

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