Wednesday, May 25, 2016


The 25th of May 2016.
We got the letter from Our Lady of Mercy- Parramatta that Cheyenne is granted 100% scholarship.
We were ecstatic! I am personally floored of what my daughter could actually achieve. I recalled the moments of my life where I too got milestone news such as this-- like the day I learned I am an FCB scholar to support my college.

This time, I have the perspective of a parent . Of a parent, that will have to be freed from the monthly allocation ensuring there is enough for everyone. Oh, how grateful we are Oh, God for choosing our family to experience this beautiful gift of surprise.  And for the gift of being ENOUGH or should I say that feeling of ABUNDANCE and that there is MORE than ENOUGH.  Alleluiah!

And my Cheyenne, she is impressive!

The Journey.
So, the journey to get this scholarship is not something we have purposely prepared for. We are actually preparing her for the Selective school examination. Selective school is a govt school but only the brightest can enroll to this highly qualified school! Therefore, a tough examination and everyone prepares for it. Heaps of competition.

OLMC- Parramatta
It is a Catholic exclusive for girls school located in Western Sydney which is not far from where we live in Seven Hills.   We told her though that once she get the scholarship, she will definitely go to that school and changed my stand when we got the interview invitation . I told her that regardless of the amount of scholarship we are getting ( 30%, 50%, 100%), for her to get shortlisted is a sign that OLMC is the school for her.

Family Interview.
It was far more than what we expected. We thought we were going to be faced with difficult questions but surprisingly the atmosphere of the interview was very settling, calm and friendly. Cheyenne straight through was so at ease. Her natural self came out, happy, informal and joyful!It was ended a very encouraging interview and we left it with much enthusiasm that definitely she will have a chance.

I have high hopes for her. She will soar high, What an incredible opportunity we were given. To be a mother of Cheyenne. I know that it is a very important role, Lord help me not to fail.

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