Tuesday, July 19, 2016

our Gloucester experience

is so far the most relaxing and most natural we had. We were surrounded with green scenery and the sound of mooooohhhs is not rare.  Yes, I meant cow. But after not back to the road for quite some time, the trip provides a fresh perspective about traveling, being with friends and just EAT.

How exciting I was to see all these in its purest. Who doesn't love cows???
They do get juicy on our plates!

The road to Barrington Tops wasn't easy but a very lovely one. Actually, it was very exciting because the second car wasn't ready for this big reveal! 

7 of this kind is tough for a sedan!
But there are loveliness such as this!

and we actually arrived but we decided not to go further as the clouds were looming and the rain threatened its grand entrance. So, maybe a snap would do !

Road to Mograni Retreat ( our accommodation) This is few seconds after we turn Right to Mograni creek. This view excites me!

And our accommodation after what it seemed like endless driving!How photogenic this place is!

And walking with my bestest! I am too excited, my smiles are over the photos!

I like how our teamwork thrived these years. Given we have different persona and temperaments. Sometimes, I can't stand him and he couldn't take me. 
But we stick to it! and we suck it up, hell yeah! We are so good at it! 

I love our memories and the family we have.

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