Friday, June 24, 2016

Our Friday morning.

Another sad news of mass shooting. Another day of mourning just few weeks from the Orlando shooting.  

More unexplained circumstances around the globe but you have to take care of the simple questions your kids throw at you.  Cheyenne asks an easy one this morning, or-- maybe not ; why is their poverty? " This is after I thanked over a messy croissant. " oh this croissant is messy but its lovely with butter and Thank you God that we can afford this food. Then her question. I like how spontaneous our mornings are. This girl, she changed me.  I used to be grumpy on mornings, 

I told her there are many circumstances surrounding poverty, it could be that others were not given the opportunity to be educated and therefore couldn't get a job, but although this is common, others surpassed this difficulty and become not poor. Others had to spend so much money to pay for medications and therefore left them poor, others came from war- stricken countries , others are just unlucky and had to thrive a difficult life. But life goes on even when someone is broke.  

And that is why it is important to be kind to each other because you will never know what others are going through, although living a difficult life is not an excuse to be rude. Sometimes people are naturally rude but you can only pray them. That the world will show them the opportunities to celebrate goodness and thanksgiving. 

My point is--- i want to leave a legacy to my children. It is not richness because that cannot make a fulfilling Life. To be kind, forgiving, imploring truth and justice.  Imbibe generosity and gratefulness in each endeavor they do. I pray that i could give them the examples in how I live.  This what matters to me.

I should say we had a very meaningful Friday morning!

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