Monday, June 20, 2016

The never-easy Journey

Just because at this stage, study is not a priority. Especially when you have a growing family and your priorities are just clashing. I am not an overly organized momma, I have to admit, I sometimes act on instincts. And it worked well for me.  It is not perfect, and I like adding a few drops of excitement and adventure, it is key for me. I can never be too over-organized. It is way too stiff.

 So, the journey started with 6 compulsory subjects that I needed to pass. Last year, I attempted to take 2 subjects in one semester and  I FAILED one. This is the time where I thought I could do 2 subjects in one semester---thinking I was a superhero with my parents around. But it didn't work especially for a very difficult subject that is Financial Risk Management (FRM) definitely an uneventful one.

Luckily, good news came. This year they announced a special program for CPA from Philippines with > 10 years of experience and holding senior role.  The elective subjects are not anymore required which means, I don't need to re-take FRM, I just have to make sure I have the right experience and the managerial position to prove that I passed the program.  I got in the program and I passed the last most time consuming subject to complete.

So, here's the journey.
Lesson learned: That I am not capable of taking 2 subjects in one semester with work, children, moving house in the juggle! What was I thinking?

Looking forward: Such a memorable journey and now waiting for the ceremony finding me as fully pledged CPA here in Australia!

How awesome you are Oh, God!  The overwhelming blessings keep on pouring. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Open my heart God and yes you will see, it blazes with Gratitude!

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