Thursday, May 25, 2017

and when your HEART knows

"when your heart knows , you can't stop it,  can't explain it,  you can only trust it."

when I married this man, I have no idea how our life would turn out.  I could recall, it was the stage that I am insecure , unsure, arrogant, my pretentious self.

I trusted with my whole heart that I love him but I wasn't ready to see his lows, his weakness against my insecurities, my expectations against his growth. There was a span when we were growing apart. Yes, slowly, the idea of separating from him eats me. I was so ready and sure to give him up and live my life alone! I cringe recalling those days, and I apologize for those dramas.

Fast forward-----our life now. I wouldn't exchange for anything. Our life after 13 years of marriage is indeed the only relationship in this lifetime that have rocked my LIFE in a good way. The children along the way made it even more meaningful but above all else, this man is my favorite person----genuinely, the best friend who makes this world worth living and who amidst all arguments and disagreements is a source of inspiration and strength. Always the better half.

Thank you for not giving up. Oh yes, thank you for despite seeing the ugly side of me, you've chosen to stick around.  You believed and therefore you flourished.

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