Monday, May 15, 2017

The after-math

Been a month since we took that flight to New Zealand. Life has full of surprises for us and this trip definitely exceeded expectations.  What a wonderful earth we lived! and NZ is so much blessed with the wonders of nature. I am in so much awe, every corner of that country talks to me about LIFE, THANKSGIVING and just to stand still, enjoy moments, breathing the fresh air, taking it all IN!

Life in its purest form. A tree representing hope amidst the changes of the LAKE. It remained beautiful in the low tides. And so does life. This photo represents hope and gratitude of anything that happened, could possibly happen and that innate characteristic of positivity to shine through. LIFE can be turbulent sometimes, it will relentlessly test our aptitude---but the good news is , It is NEVER a RACE to achieve that best version of yourself and while doing so, don't forget to enjoy the MUSIC.

Lately, I have been really out of FOCUS. It is like, there are organization and re -org going through my mind, and not coming through NEAT. For some, they thrive on that, I just can't.  It is nailed in my tendency to be organized.    I can't think well when I go through this stage and it feels like I am only at mediocre of this endeavors I am pursuin'.  Anyway, will need to clean up some clogs and will keep it SIMPLE.  For now, i will take it easy. No stress, no drama. Just living the LIFE.

I have loads of photos from this trip but for now, maybe a snap of my second-born who is growing real FAST and really speaks her mind loudly now which is really funny.

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