Friday, June 16, 2017

I am sorry, Cheyenne!

I am sorry that sometimes Mama is harsh like last night. I should have been more patient and kinder to you.

I am sorry that I am not understanding sometimes. Instead, I ended up imposing my ideas to you without giving you time to think and understand where I am coming from. I was too demanding and intrusive and failed to forget that you are a growing individual that sometimes a day's demand can be too taxing.

I am sorry that I close my ears sometimes and not hear you.  I should give you my 100% attention.

So, I know what I am going to do now.

- i will talk to you gently when I feel irritated at you
- i will be very open of how I feel but not intrusive
- i will try very hard to be patient and this last thing will never change
- i will love You endlessly

And incase you forgot, these are the things that I adore about you.

- You are a smart, happy, joyful girl
- You have that mature disposition and I am so proud of how you manage your day to day independently
-  You always look at brighter side of things and certainly would like more of your fun and quirky side.
- And finally, you came from me and you stole my heart completely.  Nothing can ever change that.

I want you to know that I don't desire you to be PERFECT  , so don't work too much on that. I want you to be happy, helpful , independent , strong but gentle. I know these things will sound ironic but the right time will come when you fully understand and you will choose for yourself which road you are going to take. Whatever that choices will be, I will be here all the way.

Forgive me of my shortcomings, Cheyenne.  Mama is not perfect too.

This photo throwback circa 2014, Hunter Valley

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