Thursday, July 20, 2017

How 75k Happened?

So, last December ---Chuck and myself made a very simple resolution to list down our expenses just so we know how to plan, and to "purposely live within the means". We 're on 5th year here in Oz and it is good to know where our money went, how to allocate it wisely.

So, the last 6 months spending total to AU$75k. I am actually stoked of where those monies came from.  I feel like God must have blessed us financially to give us all these in the last 6 months. Mind you, we didn't live with the intetion to save, now, i felt that we are actually living lavishly with these expenses.  That sounds really huge to me especially that we are not earning much here. Maybe , our net income combined is around 120k, so,having had to spend that much first half of the year is over the top!

We had 13k for travels ( NZ and tickets to Philippines) and maybe others, 21k for mortgage so the run- rate would be approximately 6.6k /monthly is really huge. The next project is to trim down .  We need to be realistic with our expenses and really stick into it.  I have been planning to save 3k monthly but that hasn't been realized consistently and  a tad bit disappointing.  

So, some resolutions; 

No Coffee buying going to work. The office has free unlimited Coffee! 
Lunch- limit <10 lunches. Else, pack lunch.
Shopping- No MORE

But....we will continue to be generous. To give back . To be available to others when needed. I will continue to provide for my parents, my mum in law, our grannies who are growing old. 

Despite all these huge expenses, our God is Almighty that I am actually in awe of our capacity to have afforded all these. I feel that I am in a Miracle Trap and I refuse to get  out from it. oh, Lord God, how lucky I am to be in your midst. Thank you. 

But wait there's more! Amidst all these huge expenses, I feel that we have been blessed with so much more actually, there was never this feeling of deprivation but rather abundance. I have always been blessed with this perspective of seeing our cups half full! Praise to you , Oh God who is our greatest provider! 

end goal: Slim down expenses to 5,500/month

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