Friday, July 28, 2017

South Coast, why not?

Preparing the loan documents to own one of this lot. We are praying for your guidance Oh, Lord in this major financial decision that we are doing that would change our financial decisions in the long run. To put  forth additional 1,200 monthly to afford this would be a push for us given the seemingly lenient controls we have in place. What I am trying to say is that----we will be motivated to save for this additional mortgage.

Looking back to our financial decisions this past 5 years.  I would say, we did well.

Getting the Richmond Street property back in 2012 - was one heck of acquisition. Well, there is always a first time.  I felt that it consumed so much of our savings back in Singapore. Then moving to Seven Hills 3 years after is a major major breakthrough. Deciding whether to keep Richmond while keeping Seven Hills was easy--- we looked through our money and said,  No , we cannot afford to feel deprived. So, we kept the not risky path.  No regrets.  We did afforded the life we feel we deserve. Mostly short trips with family ( while my parents and sis were here)  and of course NEW ZEALAND.  Then , we fell in love with the Jervis Bay area.  Been  there thrice already and this place never fails to charm me and my family especially the latest visit to Green Patch Beach. Maybe when we retire, maybe? someday we'll know!

2014 Murray Beach
Booderee National Park
Jervis Bay

Sussex Inlet

2017 Green Patch Beach
Booderee National Park

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