Wednesday, August 30, 2017

That special day she turned 4!

A plan well executed. She already knew months before that it is going to be a Princess Poppy cake and luckily , we found the perfect balloons! Nothing over the top, a simple , all-about-her celeb! I really like how we celebrate our children's bday, we are trending to be low-key and simple. I am proud!

A little party at school is what she wanted.

and she remembered very well that we sang the " Happy Birthday " song , she blew the candle and she cut her cake.  I guess for children they just want the simple things in life and what they actually remember is that feeling of LOVE all the way. 

I am very happy my that children appreciates small and big efforts alike

We did 2 vid sessions for her . The first one a week before she got sick at our backyard and the second one was highlights from her celebration at school surrounded by her friends. A mem'rable one!

We love you Kylene! I can't believe you are now 4!

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