Tuesday, November 07, 2017

This is me Right Now.

This is me right now.
Just wanting to stay put and not THINK.
I am in my LAZIEST of times and why can't I do that?

So, i really wanted to just be in a restful state and not worry of how I move forward professionally. But priorities are piling up and so does my personal needs.

Therefore, since last night,  have deleted Facebook and Instagram from my mobile to help me get to the peaceful state that I wanted to achieve.  I want to be pure with my intentions and my plans. To enable me to think peacefully and purposely, i have to drive myself out from all distractions of the world that I used to excuse myself from being FOCUSED.

There is a time for everything and to me , this is the best time to get rid of SOCIAL MEDIA.

I will love myself .  I will be the best version of me.

---work in progress----

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