Wednesday, September 06, 2017

A simple one

Glad to be here. Thankful that I am calmer. happier and in a better state of mind indeed.
I love the life you gave me oh God because it is good.

Life is good
Life is not always easy, but then you’ve never needed it to be easy.
Because you are strong, and willing to grow stronger.
You know the good things demand work.
And you’re always willing to do that work.
You’ve learned to take the troubles seriously while being able to laugh about them too.
You’ve found that joy is possible in every moment, and multiplies when shared.
You do what you have to do, when it must be done.
And you feel the incomparable satisfaction of knowing you’re always helping to push life along.
Most of all, you give until it hurts, then you give and give some more.
And when occasionally you turn around to look back, you’re amazed at how much progress you’ve made.
Life is good, because you are eager to accept it as it comes.
Life is good, because every day you renew your commitment to make it so.
— Ralph Marston

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